You clearly have a great database and an interesting and innovative way of sourcing candidates, making radical finds…The reference checking is incredibly thorough…I was really impressed.

What JCR showed me, was that with a sound methodology and irksome persistence; even those jobs deemed unobtainable are feasible.

Due Diligence

Employment law is putting greater pressure on employers than ever before to exercise caution when hiring new staff. Referencing has now become much more rigorous than ever before. Given our involvement in the hiring processes, we find ourselves very well positioned to assist our clients in developing a "best practice" in due diligence for their business.

We are uniquely positioned to seek out information and take in depth and sensitive references in complete confidence. Typically, these would come from peers, competitors and senior management.

We also aim to match characteristics to the suitability and pressures of the role in hand. This includes providing accurate compensation comparisons. The sectors we cover and combination of work we do gives us a true understanding of current compensation levels and benefits offered. We also provide bespoke reviews on compensation, when required.

Career Guidance

Candidates constantly ask us for guidance on their careers and it is always an honour to give this to them. It is part of what we do. Clients seek advice on transitioning into new positions, integration, retirement and outplacement.

Our experience enables us to listen and give practical advice to those seeking guidance in the transition of their career.

We offer coaching to those seeking help in finding the right career path, career development, preparing for an interview and building momentum.

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