Your image in this company is one of assured quality for the roles that we cannot fill ourselves.

Recruiting Recruiters

Search to Search is the business of recruiting Recruiters. JCR was founded by Jane Crosthwaite in 1975. She was a pioneer in recruitment 2 recruitment and had that knack of finding just the right person for a client. Today, JCR works tirelessly for its clients internationally to find the talent they seek, whatever the discipline and experience needed to get the job done.

We recruit leaders, specialists, outstanding researchers and "teams", both domestically and internationally. There are JCR candidates leading, managing and contributing in many of the major executive search firms around the world.

Our modus operandi is to only work with one client in a given discipline at a time per country. That way, we avoid off-limit issues and any other conflicts of interest. We constantly see great candidates and keep in touch with them, offering many of them career advice on an ongoing basis, which enriches our talent pool worldwide.

JCR has a reputation that is second to none in this discipline.

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